Support Sexual Freedom and Woodhull!

New York City Sex Bloggers Calendar is donating their proceeds to benefit the work of Woodhull and you can help!  Buy days on the 2011 Sex Blogger Calendar and personalize your message (up to 80 characters) and then be sure to pre-order calendars for the holidays and celebrations and for just-plain fun!  Buying days and calendars helps Woodhull Freedom Foundation in their mission to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

The calendar folks have made it easy for you to help Woodhull!  Check it out and donate $25 for one day, $100 for five days or as many days as you want by clicking here.

Here's a "secret" – Nina Hartley, who is on the Board of Directors at Woodhull, is in the calendar.  Her birthday month is March, so be sure to buy some days in March to wish her a happy birthday and she'll send you a personal thank you note!

More "secrets"?  Gloria Brame is in the calendar too and her birthday is in August!  Fill those August days with your birthday wishes and she'll send you a note too, personally thanking you!

Last secret?  Lillith Grey is one of the calendar girls too!  She's on the Woodhull Advisory Board and so any day at all with sexual freedom wishes will make her happy!  Want to wish her happy birtday days?  Her birthday is in August too!

How does this work?  Well, for $25 you get one day and on that one day you get to share 80 characters of good wishes, anniversary messages, share a URL, or affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Want more visibility than just one day?  $100 buys you five days, which you can strategically place throughout the year highlighting birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and significant dates in the history of sexual freedom.

Calendars will sell for $20 after the pre-sale period is closed, so the NYC Sex Bloggers are offering a deal.  Buy one day ($25) and pre-order the calendar ($20) for only $40. 

It's fun, it's a gift that lasts all year, and your purchase supports Woodhull's work.  You can purchase days directly through the calendar site or go ahead and donate the money here on the Woodhull site and we'll see that it gets to them!


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