Sexual Freedom in 2011

This Valentine’s Day, as I look back on a year of work at Woodhull Freedom Foundation, one thing is absolutely clear: this is an exciting time to be working for sexual freedom.

Because of your support, this year Woodhull was able to send a representative to Geneva to participate in the first ever United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the United States. Because we were present, sexual freedom was included in the list of human rights issues under review. This was only possible because of your support and we’re asking you to renew that support now!

We achieved a great deal in 2010 because of your support:

  • We established a national Sexual Freedom Day, celebrated on September 23rd at the National Press Club
  • We released the first Annual State of Sexual Freedom in the United States report
  • We joined the U.S. Human Rights Network and are co-chairing their new Sexuality and Gender Working Group

In the coming year, with your continued support, we will be able to increase our participation in this important human rights work. In 2011 we will:

  • Continue to participate in the important UN UPR human rights monitoring process and make sure that for the first time the U.S. will be held accountable for protecting sexual freedom, our fundamental right to develop and express our sexuality
  • Celebrate the second annual National Sexual Freedom Day on Sept. 23, the birthday of Victoria Woodhull
  • Present our second annual State of Sexual Freedom in the United States report
  • Develop curricula for medical and legal professionals to help them provide the kind of care and advocacy that sexual freedom requires

Our success depends on the support of people like you who believe that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. Please take just a moment to make a tax-deductable donation to make this work possible.

With your support this coming year will be one of the most exciting yet for Woodhull, with new projects, new partners, but with the same determination to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right here in the United States, and abroad.