Become a VOICE FOR FREEDOM – for sexual freedom – snd help the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance turn your voice into action. At the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance we are committed to the notion that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. We don’t believe that government, the courts or any other institution should dictate the myriad ways that we organize and express our sexual selves. We envision a world where, as adults, we can enjoy the freedom to make our own informed and consensual choices about reproduction, partnerships, sexual health and the pursuit of pleasure.

We can’t advance these principles without your support. Especially today.

Facing dire circumstances, struggling to find work, provide for our families, and simply to make ends meet during this long economic downturn, it’s often hard to remain focused on issues not seemingly tied to daily survival. But it is precisely at moments like this that our basic freedoms and liberty are at risk. Indeed, while professing to work for less government intrusion in our lives, conservative lawmakers are using this time as an opportunity to restrict our freedoms and legislate theire Puritanic morality on the rest of us. Woodhull is here to challenge, respond and resist such retrograde efforts.

Today we are excited to announce that a Woodhull donor has come forward with an exciting challenge…

If Woodhull is able to attract 100 NEW monthly donors by the end of the year, the donor will match those contributions dollar-for-dollar. So if you commit, for example, to becoming a $25 per month contributor —becoming a Voice for Freedom— your $300 annual contribution will actually become a  $600 gift to Woodhull. One hundred dollars  per month becomes $2400. It’s simple to become a voice for freedom, just go to the Voice for Freedom page.

Already a monthly donor?  Don’t feel left out of this unique opportunity.  If you increase your monthly giving by $25, that’ll be matched too!  

The important thing to remember is that your contribution empowers Woodhull and sustains us in our work to combat the prohibition of pleasure, the rollbacks on hard-won freedoms and protections and to advance an agenda that recognizes the wonderful diversity of sex, sexuality and our rights to make informed, consensual choices in our lives.

As a leader in advocacy and activism for sexual freedom, rights and liberty, Woodhull is uniquely positioned to bring together allies and partners in these efforts. In the last year alone, Woodhull enjoyed many victories and accomplishments. Here is a short list of highlights:

  • We changed our name to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, reflecting our position of a convener of activists and as a resource for progressive initiatives that advance sexual freedom.
  • We compile and distribute the Sexual Freedom eNews 5 days a week since 2003, informing subscribers to this free service of important news and views about sexuality.
  • We celebrated the second annual Sexual Freedom Day with an educational event calledSexual Outlaws:  The Prohibition of Pleasure”.  Sexual Freedom Day is Woodhull’s flagship event and features the release of the annual State of Sexual Freedom in the United States report.
  • We presented the second annual “Vicki” awards (an homage to our namesake, Victoria Woodhull) recognizing extraordinary personal achievements in advancing sexual rights and freedom to Ajamu Baraka, Bob Corn-Revere and Carmen Vazquez.
  • We continue to participate  in the on-going United Nations Universal Periodic Review monitoring process for human rights violations in the United States.
  • We co-chair the Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group for the US Human Rights Network.
  • Woodhull’s accomplishments were formally recognized by Proclamation in Washington, DC, as well as formal recognition of the celebration of Sexual Freedom Day.
  • We lobbied successfully inFlorida to ensure that there is no sex offender registry language in sexting bill  SB 888.
  • We continue to lobby against shackling of incarcerated women in labor.
  • We continued to make history as part of an unprecedented advocacy collaboration between sex worker and sex workers rights groups, human rights advocates, academic researchers and family members of sex workers, Human Rights For All: Concerned Advocates for the Rights of Sex Workers and People in the Sex Trade (HRA) that resulted in the United States Federal Government’s official condemnation of violence and discrimination against sex workers!

These are but a few examples of what Woodhull is accomplishing with the support of people like you.  We are also constantly on the lookout for dangerous encroachments on liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Whether in a statehouse, city council, school district or Congress, Woodhull has lobbied and organized across the country to stem the tide of sex panics and anti-sex freedom hysteria.

Help us continue our work, especially during this particularly challenging and critical time. Become a Voice for Freedom in the simplest way possible and remember that your dollars will be doubled for NEW monthly donors! Sustain our work by becoming a monthly contributor and do it today so we can take advantage of the generous challenge that has been offered us.

Time is limited on this challenge, so sign-up today for monthly donations and your Voice for Freedom will be twice as loud!  Remember – your $25 a month means $50 a month for Woodhull!

PS:  Want to help, but can’t make a monthly commitment right now?  Make a one-time donation here.



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