Short & Sweet, from Hardy Haberman

by Guest Blogger: Hardy Haberman


I know this is the end of the year – that terrible time of email and postal service “asks” for money from every organization that has your name.  I know how you feel, as I quickly begin to just hit delete when I know it’s a fundraising letter.  So I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Freedom is NOT free.

I believe in Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and, in addition to being a donor, proudly serve on the Board of Directors.

We are 100% individual donor supported.

If you believe as I do, that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right, then add your support to mine.

Support the work of Woodhull and sexual freedom by donating.  

Even a small donation makes a difference, particularly if you become a Voice for Freedom and support us with a regular monthly donation.

Without your support, we can’t do the very vital work we’ve been doing (I promised short and sweet and so I won’t detail everything we’re doing – you can read about our accomplishments on the website).

Remember what I said.  Freedom is NOT free.  It costs money for Woodhull to do the work we’re doing and I’m asking you to join me as a monthly supporter of Woodhull or make a one-time donation now.

In solidarity,

Hardy Haberman



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