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by Guest Blogger: Nina Hartley

Hi everyone!  It’s me – Nina Hartley – asking you to do one more thing in 2011 before the year ends.

Take one moment- right now – to click here and make a donation to the only organization whose work I’ve ever believed in enough to join the Board of Directors – Woodhull!

I believe in Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and our mission to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right and not only do I give my time on the board, I’m also a Voice for Freedom– a monthly donor.

I want to be a Voice for Freedom and donate monthly just  like Nina Hartley!”

We are 100% individual donor supported and that means, folks, that we look to you for the money it costs to keep doing the work we’re doing.

If you believe as I do, that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right, then add your support to mine.

Support the work of Woodhull and sexual freedom by donating.

Even a small donation makes a difference, particularly if you become a Voice for Freedom and support us with a regular monthly donation.

To become a monthly donor (a Voice for Freedom), click here.

(Remember – even $1.00 a day will go a long way toward helping us realize our goals!)

To make a one-time donation, click here.

Without your support, we can’t do the very vital work we’ve been doing or fulfill our goals for 2012 – which include continuing our work as Chair of the Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group for the US Human Rights Network, the 2012 release of the State of Sexual Freedom in the US reportSexual Freedom Day, continued work to make it illegal to shackle incarcerated women in labor in Florida, reform of the Sex Offender Registries, and so many more programs you can read about at our website!

Remember what I said.  Freedom is NOT free.  It costs money for Woodhull to do the work we’re doing and I’m asking you to join me as a Voice for Freedom – a monthly supporter of Woodhull or make a one-time donation now.


Nina Hartley

PS:  If you donate between now and January 1, 2012, and you’d like a personally autographed picture of me, just email me at and I’ll make sure you get one!  OH!!!  And more exciting news – if you become a Voice for Freedom – a monthly donor – between now and January 1, 2012, we’ll enter your name in a drawing for two free Sexual Freedom Day Passes for September 22, 2012.  If you win, you’ll get to be there with ME!


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