Buck Angel Selected as Board Member by Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance


Los Angeles, CA; March 12, 2012

Buck Angel and The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance have joined forces to help move our world to a place where our fundamental human right to sexual freedom is fully realized. The mission of this organization meshes perfectly with Buck Angel’s message of being sexually comfortable in one’s own skin. Together they hope to advance an agenda that recognizes the wonderful diversity of sex, sexuality, and our rights to make informed, consensual choices in our lives.

Buck made history rising to prominence as the first female-to-male transsexual adult film star. More recently, he has focused on education, advocacy, and motivational speaking, reaching people from all across the globe and the spectrums of gender and sexuality through appearances at universities and numerous events.

As a leader in advocacy and activism for sexual freedom, rights and liberty, Ricci J. Levy the Executive Director of Woodhull says,

“Buck’s long history of activism around sexuality and gender identity, coupled with his boundless energy and passion for sexual freedom will be enormous assets to Woodhull.  Buck inspires people to think outside the box and I can’t wait to add his perspective and creativity to the work we’re doing to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. I’m absolutely delighted at the prospect of working with him from now on!”

One of Buck’s first activities in joining the board was to announce that he will be donating 5% from each sale of his newest sex education film, “Sexing The Transman XXX” to the organization during the entire month of April.http://sexingthetransman.com/

For more information on Woodhull, visit http://www.woodhullalliance.org/
To learn more about Buck Angel’s pioneering filmmaking, advocacy, and motivational speaking, please visit http://buckangelentertainment.com/