2012 First Tracks Award for Innovations in Sexology to Woodhull Advisory Council Member



No award was better suited to its winner than the 2012 the First Tracks Award for Innovation in Sexology is suited to Megan Andelloux, CSE. A fearless champion for pleasure-based, consensual sexual behavior, Andelloux consistently develops new ways of providing and advocating for shame-free, accurate sexuality education.

Andelloux founded the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to provide consumers and professionals with access to information about sexuality, sexual health, and sexual pleasure. She withstood challenges to her right to open a sexuality-based center and is now attracting lecturers, learners, and interns from across the country.

Honest Exchange president Melanie Davis, PhD, CSE, selected Andelloux for the 2012 First Tracks Award to recognize her cutting-edge work as well as for her commitment to quality and integrity.

“The term ‘first tracks’ refers to the imprint made by someone who is the first to blaze a trail across new-fallen snow,” says Davis, adding, “I created the First Tracks Award to recognize individuals or organizations in sexology who are innovative educators, who develop useful models or areas of research, or who provide consulting or counseling in new ways. Other sexology awards honor publishing, research excellence, work quality and service. This award recognizes those who not only think differently but who also turn their ideas into action.”

This year, one of Andelloux’s innovations was to create WhatTheyAreAsking.com, a website that presents questions real people ask sexuality educators. Site visitors vote on the question they’d like answered, and professional sexuality educators provide video responses. Says Andelloux, “We created this project to highlight the desperate need for individuals have for medically accurate, comprehensive education regarding sexuality.”

To improve physician and patient communication about sexual health, Andelloux wrote a white paper assessing sexuality education curricula in medical schools. She also trains medical students and professionals in a range of sexuality topics. She is well-prepared for this role, as she holds the prestigious Certified Sexuality Educator designation from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Andelloux published the Map of Gender and Sexuality Programs that allows prospective students and professors to locate academic institutions tackling issues of sexuality and gender. She established a gynecological standardized patient training program to assist in medical student education. She co-facilitates sexuality attitude reassessments (SARs) for professionals in sexology and related fields, and she created a highly competitive student internship program.

Andelloux created the Study Sex College Tour to deliver programs that have become wildly popular at some of the country’s largest campuses. She also speaks at medical schools and hospitals.  She brings high-energy, sex-positive sexuality education to conferences, retail stores, large audiences, and private consulting clients at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

Her resume includes academic and consumer publications, service as an advisory board member to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation, and work for organizations as diverse as Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Association of Standardized Patient Educators.

Andelloux is guided by the personal creedo, “Answer questions but above all else, do no harm.” To this end, she provides individuals and couples with information that they can use to empower themselves, their lives and their relationships. She has said, “I am thrilled to stand before people and show that sexuality can be talked about, and you won’t die of shame in the process.”

For more information about Megan’s work, visit http://thecsph.org/


Honest Exchange LLC is a sexuality consulting firm based in Somerville, NJ. Owner Melanie Davis, PhD, is an AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educator who delivers professional development training, speaking, and resource development services. Through the New Jersey Center for Sexual Wellness in Bedminster, NJ, she provides private consulting to teens and adults. www.honestexchange.com  908-722-1632