Sexual Freedom Honorees for 2014

Woodhull is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Vicki Sexual Freedom Award; Pam Spaulding, Cory Silverberg and Carol Queen.   

Hardy Haberman, Woodhull’s Board Chair, said, “I am humbled and inspired in equal measure by the body of work represented by the 2014 Vicki Sexual Freedom Award recipients.  It is one of the many proud moments I enjoy as Chair of the Board of Woodhull when we are able to recognize individuals for their landmark contributions to the sexual freedom movement.”


The 2014 Honorees

Carol Queen is an American author, editor, sociologist and sexologist with a doctorate in sexology who is very active in the sex-positive feminism movement.  The founding director of the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco, Queen serves as Staff Sexologist at Good Vibrations, where she’s worked since 1990.  Read more here.  

Cory Silverberg has developed and facilitated workshops for hundreds of agencies and organizations serving both youth and adults across North America on a range of topics including sexuality and disability, sexual pleasure, sexual communication, sex toys, and sex and technology. Cory has also delivered keynotes, lectures, and interactive public talks for professional conferences and student groups. Read more here.

Pam Spaulding considers herself an accidental activist.  The founder, editor and publisher of Pam’s House Blend, a startling honest and astute blog focused on the LGBT community, Pam has guest posted/contributed to Americablog, Pandagon, Firedoglake, The Rude Pundit,, The Bilerico Project, Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory on Salon, and written for The Independent Weekly.   Read more here.  

The awards will be presented during Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, August 14-17, 2014, in Alexandria, VA.

“While others prayed for the good time coming, I worked for it.”

-Victoria Woodhull