Give OUT Today for Sexual Freedom!

Great news!  You don’t have to wait until Thursday – you can show your support for Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right this very minute!  And every donation helps us directly AND helps us claim our share of cash awards!

Thursday, May 15th is Give OUT Day – the national day of giving to allies and to LGBTQ organizations across the country. Every donation counts – no matter what the size!  So even if you’re already a Woodhull supporter (and, thankfully, many of you are!), please make a donation of any size right now – or on Thursday, May 15th, to help us claim our share of cash awards.

By giving during Give OUT Day (or right now!), you help us win additional funding, which means that your donation works that much harder for sexual freedom.

We’re not just asking – we’re doing!

LGBTQ rights are human rights, and we’ve been fighting for those rights beyond headline issues like marriage equality by focusing on a wide range the human rights issues, including immigration equality, reproductive justice, prison reform, anti-discrimination legislation, comprehensive nonjudgmental sexuality education, and the right to define our own families.

You don’t have to wait until 5/15!
DONATE NOW and it will count toward Give OUT Day!


We need you to help us with these few things:

  • Donate now or mark May 15th, 2014, on your calendar and add this giving link
  • Get into the action early! A new and awesome feature of Give OUT Day 2014 is the ability to schedule your donation for May 15th ahead of time, which can be done RIGHT NOW!.
  • Remember that we get special prizes and incentives for every individual donation that we receive, regardless of the dollar amount donated. In other words: If you can “only” give $10, that’s great! If you and 5-10 friends can each give $10, that’s even better! Signal boosts and modest individual donations matter just as much as larger gifts. Please don’t hesitate to give what you can, however great or small, and to tell your friends to do the same.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help build the buzz.
  • Spread the word!  Forward this email to your family and friends along with a personal note as to why YOU believe in our work and why they should give on May 15th, 2014.
Be our champion, be an ambassador for human rights and sexual freedom and spread the word!  We can’t wait to celebrate the difference your generosity will make on May 15, 2014!

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