Defend the Right to Love

heartOn this Valentine’s Day, commit to defending and respecting the human right to love.

The expression of love looks different across cultures and among individuals. But we can all agree that it’s hard to cultivate love when we are denied our basic human rights. Access to love is blocked when these rights are not respected, protected or fulfilled. And love, whether general care or basic life sustenance, flourishes at the intersection, or at the point of realization, of many basic human needs and freedoms.


Love as a human right includes the rights to:

  • Life and to live free of all forms of violence.
  • Self-determination about the types of communities and bodies in which we want to experience the world and each other.
  • Health, healthcare, and a healthy environment to develop to our fullest potential.
  • Family and the freedom to marry or partner with whomever we choose.
  • Parent and to decide when and whether to bear children.
  • Food and water that are safe, accessible, and affordable.
  • Education that is affordable, accessible, respectful and nurturing.
  • Housing and communities that are safe and affordable.
  • Rest and leisure so we can be at our best.
  • Work that is decent, well-paying, and meaningful.
  • Pleasure, joy, and other experiences that affirm our full humanity.

Take your fight to defend love to the United Nations, participate in the Universal Period Review (UPR).

Unlike other human rights reviews, the UPR recognizes love not only as a civil and political rights issue, but also an economic, social, cultural, sexual, and environmental rights issue.

Learn more about the UPR on our Project Page.