Countdown to SFS15: Summit Essentials

It’s Summit week and soon we’ll all be together learning, sharing, strategizing and doing lots of important work (and play!).

You may have some questions about preparing for the Summit, so we thought we’d try to answer some commonly asked questions right here on the blog.


  1. Staying in-touch: Please live tweet and Instagram the Summit with the hashtag #SFS15. Also be sure to follow @WoodhullFreedom on both Instagram and Twitter for Summit updates! We’ll have a live-stream of #SFS15 at the Summit, so look out for your posts!
  2.  The more, the merrier! If you have friends who want to attend evening events, it’s only $10 at the door! Cash bar.
  3. Accessible to all: Our accessibility committee works hard to make the Summit as accessible for everyone as we can make it. You’ll find a document in your program book outlining ways you can help. In the event that you or someone you know has an issue with accessibility, please reach out to the staff at the Summit registration desk and they’ll get in touch with one of the committee members immediately.
  4. Dress code: People dress however they want at the Sexual Freedom Summit. Generally, daytime is casual and comfortable. Thursday night is casual, Friday night is night-clubby, and Saturday is the most formal night of the Summit since it’s our awards gala. Fancy, fun and fabulous should cover it. Speaking of cover, sometimes the hotel is chilly. Bring layers!
  5. Eating at the Summit: The special Summit rate for the breakfast buffet is $15.00 plus tax. The special Summit rate for the lunch buffet is $12.95 plus tax. The dinner menu for the hotel restaurant, Finn & Porter, can be found here. There are food trucks on both Thursday and Friday of the Summit. Lunch is provided on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.
  6. Nearby restaurants: There are not a ton of restaurants nearby the Hilton Mark Center. However, some of the nearby options are Clydes, Dungrats, and Peking Gourmet. The hotel is okay with you ordering in from one of the many take-out menus available at the Concierge desk and eating in the bar/lobby area.
  7. Quiet spaces: The Tranquility Lounge (which is the Laurel room), is located at the foot of the escalators and then to the right. Check the schedule to make sure there’s not a mediation going on, please.
  8. WiFi: We’ve arranged for complimentary WiFi in your rooms, and this year the meeting rooms will have WiFi.
  9. Parking: Self-parking is $9 a day.


If you have any other questions when you arrive, feel free to find a Summit volunteer. We are all happy to help! A volunteer can always be found at the registration desk.

We can’t wait to see you all so soon!