Turning “Yes We Can” into “YES WE WILL!”

copy-sfs-logoJoin the conversation at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit in 2017!

#SFS17 is August 3th to 6th, 2017

Deadline for Workshop Proposals:

Monday, February 6, 2017!

The thing every single Trump advisor, nominee and cabinet member shares is a negative attitude toward our personal autonomy, toward our sexual freedom. Most administration members could care less about social justice. Lies “trump” lies and hate runs rampant across the country.

Can we do something to stop the inevitable losses of freedoms, persecutions of human beings, erosion of rights? Yes we can!  And to turn that “yes we can” into a resounding “YES WE WILL,” we invite you to be a part of the change. Participate in the conversation and helping to craft solutions and tools for resistance, for creative change, for clever campaigns….for a future where “can” becomes “will.”

SUBMIT A WORKSHOP PROPOSAL to share your solutions, address pending challenges, offer opportunities for collaboration, and build alliances in the realm of sexual freedom on August 3-6, 2017 in Arlington, VA for Woodhull’s 8th Annual Sexual Freedom Summit.

Our tracks this year focus on these areas of civil and human rights:

  • Sexuality and Disability;
  • Family Matters;
  • Sex and the Law;
  • Body Politics; and
  • Racial Justice
We are also accepting workshop proposals that do not fall under one of these specific tracks.

Descriptions of these tracks can be found here, under “More Proposal Information” > “Tracks.”

Please share this CALL FOR PROPOSALS far and wide with your friends, lovers, sheroes, colleagues, and that brilliant but quirky neighbor—we want to reach everyone working at the intersections of sexual freedom, human rights, and social justice.

Remember, the deadline is Monday, 2/6/17. …what are you waiting for?