Woodhull to Hold Sexual Freedom Town Halls

November 14, 2017

Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday, December 2nd, Woodhull Freedom Foundation will launch a series of town hall conversations about sexual violence and sexual freedom. The Town Halls will create a space to talk about strategies for addressing sexual violence and identifying actions we can each take to prevent sexual violence and increase sexual freedom in the United States.  

Our most fundamental human right is to personal autonomy, and thus to sexual freedom. “Sexual violence is an epic violation of our human right and it affects people from every background,” says Woodhull President Ricci Levy.  “Ending sexual violence is necessary in order to achieve justice and freedom for each of our communities,” adds Mandy Farsace, Woodhull’s Director of Sexual Freedom Events. “Whether our primary work is related to disability justice, sex worker rights, gender justice, queer and trans-liberation and issues of incarceration and immigration, sexual violence is part of the problem.”

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Town Halls will engage people from many communities in generating strategies for preventing sexual violence and for addressing it when it occurs. Recognizing the limitations and problems of the criminal justice system, the Town Hall conversations will also focus on creating alternative forms of accountability and healing for individuals and communities.

Sexual violence is only one of the issues Woodhull addresses in our work. At our annual Sexual Freedom Summit, now in its 9th year, we discuss all of the issues in the realm of sexual freedom including disability rights, immigration reform, racism, reproductive justice, and many more!

The first Town Hall will be held in Philadelphia, PA at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 2125 Chestnut Street.