Woodhull Freedom Foundation and SisterSong Join Forces on 2018 “Sexual Freedom Summit”

For Immediate Release – January 16, 2018


Ricci Joy Levy
President & CEO
Woodhull Freedom Foundation
Ph: 610-212-5555

Monica Simpson
Executive Director
Ph: 404-756-2680

Woodhull Freedom Foundation and SisterSong Join Forces on 2018 “Sexual Freedom Summit”

(Washington, DC) – Joint statement from Ricci Joy Levy, the President and CEO of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and Monica Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong on the announcement of a partnership to mobilize advocates, activists and academics for Woodhull’s 2018 Sexual Freedom Summit:

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is thrilled to partner with SisterSong, the national women of color reproductive justice on our 9th Sexual Freedom Summit, August 2 to 5, 2018 in Alexandria, VA.  SisterSong will organize a pre-conference institute and work with Woodhull on strategic program development.  

Every year, Woodhull brings together hundreds of people from across the country to create a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals to develop and express their unique sexuality.  This event is an opportunity to support people in advancing their current knowledge and in gaining the tools to actually create real and lasting change.  

“This collaboration builds off a long-standing relationship.  SisterSong has been a partner in the work of Woodhull since our founding in 2003.  Their commitment to centering those who are the most marginalized, their focus on the intersection of reproductive and racial justice, as well as their impeccable organizational skills will bring a unique perspective to the Summit.  From tangible activism strategies to empowering marginalized voices, SisterSong stands as a true leader in the world of human rights and an honored member of our network,” said Woodhull CEO and President Ricci Levy.

In spaces where privileged voices often overpower, joint efforts like this one hope to set an example for the kinds of collaborative work that meets the unique needs of different communities and strengthens all of our movements.  

“We are proud to work with Woodhull as we strive to organize and educate at the intersection of sex and reproductive justice. At a time when it feels like our basic rights and bodily autonomy are under relentless attack, it is imperative that we come together, but this Summit is not just about pushing back.  We must ensure that we are all able to define who we are, to seek and create the relationships that we choose and to have the healthy, empowered sex lives that we want,” added Monica Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong.

Together, we hope to not only connect across our networks and ensure strong and diverse representation at the Summit, but to also make sure that we really dig in on the ways that systems of oppression deny women of color and other marginalized communities the ability and opportunity to fully realize sexual freedom.

For people who want to help lead this conversation and provide their expertise, we need their voices and skills.  Proposals are being accepted until February 14, 2018.  Woodhull is also offering a special early bird registration for two weeks in celebration of the partnership.  

“This Summit is more than an event.  It is our commitment to building a movement for reproductive justice, for sexual freedom and for true liberation,” concluded Levy.


The Woodhull Freedom Foundation aims to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, and works to end sexual violence.

SisterSong’s mission is to strengthen and amplify the collective voices of indigenous women and women of color to achieve reproductive justice by eradicating reproductive oppression and securing human rights.