TAKE ACTION: Fight the Most Recent Attacks on Sexual and Reproductive Rights

By Tess Joseph

Here is a fact: sexual and reproductive rights are fundamental human rights. Yet historically, the United States government has repeatedly chosen to deny this truth, instead invoking the fiction of “protecting” us as it systematically violates our sexual and reproductive rights.    

The present era of the Trump administration proves this violent history is not just of the past. We are not being protected; our rights are being threatened and attacked. Most recently, the House Fiscal Year 19 State and Foreign Operations funding bill intends to continue these human rights violations with renewed fervor, both domestically and internationally. From enshrining the global gag rule to drastically cutting funding for international family planning programs, the bill encroaches upon vital sexual and reproductive rights.

We must remain vigilant; we must recognize the decidedly cruel and unjust actions of the federal government. We must take action—we must fight for our sexual and reproductive rights in the United States as well as the rights of those abroad.  


SHARE. Circulate this op-ed published in The Hill in which representatives Nita Lowey (D-NY), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Tim Ryan (D-OH), and Katherine Clark (D-MA) explain the House FY19 State, Foreign Operations funding bill and its attacks on reproductive rights.

SUPPORT. Express support for Rep. Clark’s amendment to require the annual State Department’s human rights report to include reproductive rights by posting on social media: “#Reprorights are #HumanRights. That’s why I support @RepClark’s amendment to ensure they are reflected in every @StateDept human rights report.” http://ow.ly/DYp630kzlB6