Woodhull Freedom Foundation Announces 2019 Sexual Freedom Summit Partner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 24, 2019
Contact:  Ricci Levy, 610-212-5555, ricci@woodhullfoundation.org
Christa Daring, 877-776-2004 ext. #1001, christa@swopusa.org

Woodhull Freedom Foundation Announces 2019 Sexual Freedom Summit Partner

WASHINGTON, DC – As part of Woodhull’s continuing effort to build greater equity and representation at our Sexual Freedom Summit we are thrilled to announce our 2019 Summit partner, Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA (SWOP-USA).

This Summit partnership will provide greater visibility, access, and resources to this and many other under-resourced and under-represented communities. Collaboration, cooperation, and centering the voices of those most impacted are more important now than they ever have.

Working with SWOP-USA on programming, inclusion, diversity and safer spaces for sex workers at the 2019 Sexual Freedom Summit is a natural continuation of our federal lawsuit challenging SESTA/FOSTA, Woodhull Freedom Foundation vs. the United States of America. Sex workers come from all walks of life. Sex worker rights are human rights – and 2019 is a crucial year to agitate for those rights.

At a time when SESTA/FOSTA is endangering the lives of sex workers in so many ways, including limiting access to training and capacity-building resources, this partnering on sex worker programming at the Summit with a national sex worker organization like SWOP-USA was imperative. It is vitally important that Woodhull continue our sex worker rights advocacy. Our federal challenge to this legislation, combined with the work we do at the Summit is intended to protect the space sex workers and their allies need to participate in a free exchange of ideas around a wide range of issues,” says Woodhull President and CEO Ricci Levy.

SWOP-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy with over 20 chapters throughout the United States.

Christa Daring, Executive Director of SWOP-USA notes, “We are at a crucial moment in the sex workers rights movement, the passing of SESTA/FOSTA has greatly threatened not only many sex workers’ ability to survive, but also our ability to build and maintain community. SWOP-USA believes that by partnering with Woodhull on the Summit we can create space for sex worker organizers to further develop their skills and fight for a more intersectional struggle. It is vital that we share tools and ideas around advocacy, decriminalization, community building, and fighting stigma right now.”

Through this partnership, we will be able to work intentionally in a one-day social justice organizing institute for current and former sex workers. Additionally, a track of workshops open to all attendees during the rest of the Woodhull weekend will work to strengthen relationships with sex worker allies and broader communities.

Woodhull has worked at the intersections of sexual and human rights since 2003, and the Sexual Freedom Summit is one of our premier projects. Now celebrating its 10th year, the Summit provides a forum for allies in the ongoing fight for sexual freedom to share information, experiences, and strategies. This year’s Sexual Freedom Summit will be held from August 15th – 18th in Alexandria, Virginia.