Sharing Your Brilliance at the Sexual Freedom Summit

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit has been around for 11 years, bringing together some of the most fierce advocates for sexual freedom and human rights – activists, practitioners, researchers, educators, and more.

“We have a right to be who we are,” said  Nadine Smith, 2019 Vicki Sexual Freedom Award recipient. “We have a right to express who we are without the government taking our kids, permitting discrimination and legalized discrimination. When it comes to reproductive rights, sexual freedom, and the right to live as LGBT people free from discrimination and harassment – all of these things are tied.”

The Summit is a space to come together as a movement and build connections between reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, sex workers’ rights, censorship, pleasure, and more. The Summit features around 80 different speakers and attracts nearly 500 attendees from various walks of life and professional backgrounds.

After the 2019 Sexual Freedom Summit, we asked you: Why is a space dedicated to affirming the right to sexual freedom and human rights important to you? 

“Because of the sex-negativity in our government.” -Mac

“As a queer genderqueer trans poly person in the rural south, it’s important to find connection and community in ways that validate my humanity and ensure that I can live and be a person without fear.” -Stephan

“There aren’t a lot of spaces where I can connect with people who have the same values. It’s great to be in such an accepting environment.” -Amanda

“Because sexual freedom IS a human right, and a crime against one of us is a crime against all of us! We must stand (and fuck!) in solidarity with those who are oppressed based on their safe and consensual form of sexual expression, practice, or behavior.” -Alberto


Have you presented at the Sexual Freedom Summit in the past? Share why you love coming to the Summit by emailing or tagging us on social media @WoodhullFreedom #SFS20. 

Submit a proposal for this year’s Sexual Freedom Summit. Proposals are due February 20. Learn more here.