It’s National Coming Out Day!

We’re celebrating those who have been able to come out, recognizing that it isn’t always safe for people to come out, and working toward a time when the fundamental human right to sexual freedom is a reality for all!

National Coming Out Day is a perfect time to share the words of Jeffrey Montgomery, lifelong activist for LGBTQ rights, Woodhull founder and past Vicki Sexual Freedom Award recipient.

Shared with permission by “America You Kill Me,” the film about Jeffrey’s life as an activist.

“Interviewer: What do you think is the single most important thing a gay or lesbian person can do?

Jeff: If they’re already out?

Interviewer: ummm…no.

Jeff: Come out! (laughs)*. The single most important thing they can do is come out. The next most important thing they can do is to not allow themselves to be regressively treated by people; to assert themselves; to be affirmative about themselves and to not apologize!….”

Human rights for human beings.

There is no ambiguity there. It is the responsibility of the government to enforce and protect our human rights. One way to protect them is to not violate them. If our rights are not being protected, the laws need to be made to protect them.

This is the work Woodhull Freedom Foundation is doing.