Press Release – Dobbs Amicus Brief

We at Woodhull Freedom Foundation are proud to join with LGBTQ organizations and advocates as amici curiae in support of Jackson Women’s Health in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that could have devastating effects on reproductive justice and abortion rights. 

Respondent Jackson Women’s Health Organization is Missippi’s only abortion clinic, and it currently remains open and offers abortions up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Dobbs considers Mississippi’s 15-week prohibition on most abortions. If the Court upholds such prohibition, it would essentially toss out protections established by Roe v. Wade and could lead quickly to the elimination of abortion services in dozens of states.

As we state in the amicus brief, we are devoted to education and public advocacy centered on protecting the fundamental human right to sexual freedom, a right that is inextricable from our right to reproductive justice. 

The case will be heard by the Supreme Court on December 1, 2021.