Accessibility Committee

In planning the Summit, one of our first questions is always what we can do this year to make the Summit even more accessible than in previous years.

We are proud to say that we have made improvements every year, and we will continue to strive to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity every single year. To those in our community who have spoken out and brought your concerns to our staff and volunteers, we want you to know we hear you, and we acknowledge the issues you have brought to our attention. We want to do better, we will continue to improve, and we are grateful for the assistance we receive from our community.

In October 2017, as part of our commitments. we opened applications for our first formal Accessibility Committee.This Committee allowed us to establish the groundwork for addressing several issues our organization faces when it comes to increasing access in Woodhull’s programming.

In opening our 2019 Accessibility Committee application, we are seeking individuals who are committed to working with Woodhull’s staff to strategize, prioritize and implement improvements in accessibility. Members of the committee will serve a one-year term and work closely with key Summit staff.

Thank you to those in our community who have continued to support Woodhull’s growth and learning.

We can not do this work alone.


We are thrilled to welcome our 2019 Accessibility Committee! Please check back for updates on our work.