Carmen Vázquez Empowerment Fund

Carmen Vázquez was an out, loud, proud, and visionary sexual freedom fighter. She was a fiery force for justice who was passionate about nurturing and learning from new generations of activists and advocates. As the recipient of the Vicki Sexual Freedom Award and co-chair of our Board of Directors, Carmen supported Woodhull from its founding, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge, a command of our issues, and a network of advocates dedicated to the advancement of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

When she died from Covid-19 on January 27, 2021, we knew we needed to honor her and keep her legacy alive through Woodhull. In March 2021, we launched the Carmen Vázquez Empowerment Fund to support the work of Woodhull while amplifying young leaders who share her focus on sexual freedom within a racial and economic justice and human rights framework.

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Carmen’s keynote from the 2013 Sexual Freedom Summit: