FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2017 Vicki Sexual Freedom Award Recipients

Contact: Anne Hodder –, (310) 721-4810 WASHINGTON, DC — March 29, 2017 — The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Vicki Sexual Freedom Awards, an annual event that recognizes individuals who have made

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George Lakoff: How Right-Wingers Scam People Into Buying Their Toxic Philosophy

by Guest Blogger: Joshua Holland Progressives often find themselves explaining the details of their preferred policies, and arguing that they would maximize the common good if enacted. Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to eschew the fine print to embrace sweeping,

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How Conservative Religion Makes the Right Politically Stronger

by Guest Blogger: Sara Robinson Progressives often marvel at how focused, coordinated and aggressive our conservative opposition is. They seem to fall into lockstep and march, building large organizations and executing complex strategies with an astonishing rate of success. We

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How do I find a gay parent to co-parent with?

by Guest Blogger: Diana Adams Question: To Whom it May Concern, I am a female seeking a committed gay couple to raise a child with. What better way than to raise a child with two fathers? Most heterosexual men take the

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How Far is Too Far in a College Sexuality Course?

by Guest Blogger: Martha Kempner Originally published by RH Reality Check Middle school and high school sexuality courses frequently become the subject of controversy most often because parents become upset after they learn of something said or done in class that

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Human Rights & Anti-Censorship Groups Tell Senate to Stop the ‘Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation’ Act

A coalition of human rights, civil liberties, publishing, and online commerce groups are asking Congress to oppose a piece of anti-speech, anti-sex work legislation known as as the “Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation” (SAVE) Act. The bill is allegedly aimed

Human Rights Day 2011

This weekend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance joins with social justice organizations, movements and individuals around the world in celebrating Human Rights Day.Human Rights Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  on December

Human Rights Day, 2013

  “As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, let us intensify our   efforts to fulfill our collective responsibility to promote and protect the rights and dignity of all people everywhere.”  UN Secretary-General

International Day of Families

The International Day of Families, annually held on May 15, celebrates the importance of families and the work started during the International Year of Families.  The official theme for 2015 is “Family First:  Reinforcing family cohesion, harmony and solidarity and increasing