Anita Wagner Illig

Anita Wagner Illig is a nationally recognized thought leader and media spokesperson on the subject of alternative relationships and families.  As a passionate educator and sexual freedom advocate, for more than 15 years Anita has assisted others in exploring an expanding array of family and relationship options.  Her website,, offers a wide range of educational materials and handouts from programs she presents all over the U.S. on these subjects

As a veteran community organizer Anita has co-founded non-profit educational and social groups that support relationship choice and sexual freedom.  She speaks regularly and occasionally keynotes before audiences at such events and venues as FetFest, Atlanta Poly Weekend, Good Vibrations, MomentumCon, Dark Odyssey, Transcending Boundaries, Poly Living, The Floating World, and Black Rose.  She occasionally speaks on challenges faced by  sexual compulsives in sex-positive culture, most recently at the annual conference of CARAS  – the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities.  She has also served as polyamory community advisor to CARAS.

Anita is a faculty member at,, is a founding member of the Polyamory Leadership Network, and is an elite  member of SPECTRA, a professional mentorship program for feminist Sex Positive Educators, Counselors, Coaches, Therapists, Researchers, Activists and Advocates in the sexuality field.  She has also served on the boards of directors of a variety of organizations that advocate for sexual freedom and relationship choice, including the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

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