Elisabeth Sheff

One of a handful of global experts on polyamory and the foremost international expert on children in polyamorous families, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff is an educational consultant and expert witness serving sexual and gender minorities. She is author of the book The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families as well as numerous academic and legal articles pertaining to polyamory, gender, families, and sexual minorities. Sheff has given more than 20 radio, podcast, print, and television interviews with sources from Radio Slovenia to National Public Radio, the Sunday London Times to the Boston Globe and Newsweek, CNN to National Geographic Television.

By emphasizing research methodology and findings in her presentations, Dr. Sheff offers the kind of public intellectualism that encourages audience members to think critically about gender, sexualities, and families.  Sheff’s research explains the unique strategies polyamorists use in navigating their complex family lives and describes how they could prove tremendously useful for people in monogamous relationships, as well as other gender and sexual minorities like kinksters (people who participate in BDSM/sadomasochism) and people on the transgender spectrum.  Dr. Sheff can effectively translate research findings into accurate legal and social representation for families of sexual and gender minorities.

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff lives in Atlanta with her girlfriend, their children, dog, cats, and the small wild animals the cats bring in.

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