Elizabeth A. Wood

Elizabeth Anne Wood is Professor of Sociology at Nassau Community College and co-founder of the blog, “Sex in the Public Square.” She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Brandeis University in 1999 for a study of gender, interaction and power in strip clubs. She has published research on sex work and women’s sexual expression on the internet in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography and Feminism & Psychology. She serves on the editorial boards of the journals Sexuality & Culture, and Women’s Studies Quarterly.

Elizabeth began writing about sex and society as co-founder and editor of Sex In The Public Square (dot org), a collaborative web site where people from a wide range of backgrounds discussed all aspects of sexuality and society as equals. Sex In The Public Square grew out of Elizabeth’s deep concern for social justice, grassroots activism, public intellectual work, collaboration and community organizing. It now exists as a feature blog on the Woodhull web site.

Elizabeth’s debut memoir is Bound: A Daughter, a Domme and an End-of-Life Story (August 13, 2019, She Writes Press).

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