[She/Her] Ignixia is an international kink educator, leather-woman, and the owner and sole-operator of an award-winning company designed around creating quality leather fetish goods. She has used her skills as a leatherworker to create the Kinkability toy line, first of its kind fetish gear designed for those with disabilities. Along with a number of kink t-shirt designs, she also created the Kinky Coexist design reminding us to always work together.

As a kink educator Ignixia teaches on a wide range of soft-skill topics, such as consent, communication, negotiation, and sexual identity; she also teaches hard-skills such as floggers and impact play, medical play, and body modifications. When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she volunteers 2 days per week at the Woodshed Orlando as a DM and educator. Back home she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups.

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