L. Gabrielle Penabaz

L. Gabrielle Penabaz

L. Gabrielle Penabaz is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City.  She is a writer, performer, filmmaker, and subversive.

Miss Penabaz’ critically acclaimed theatre show, Sex Crimes Cabaret, questions sex laws and the human reaction with her films and original songs accompanied by a live cast of musicians and dancers.   The one-on-one live-art piece ‘Til Death Do You Part. Marry Yourself!, features the installation of a non-denominational chapel complete with rings, costumes, vows and refreshing mini-exorcisms.   She is the encouraging priestess who marries participants to themselves around the country (Prospect One,Figment), overseas in art festivals (Visions of Excess/SPILL UK) and private gatherings.

She originally moved from Miami to attend NYU, graduating magna cum laude in comparative literature, while studying with private vocal coaches and recording music with various bands.   Several TV shows have used songs from her electronic-rock outfit, St. Eve. The multi-media act emerged from her various jobs at the legendary nightclub, Mother (home of Jackie 60) and successfully toured the world. Meanwhile, her underground parties on both US coasts became infamous for unusual themes, conversation-inducing performances, lovingly-made absinthe and draconian door policies.   She has been spotlighted in Time-Out NYThe Village Voice, and in a MOTH podcast.

Penabaz was featured in the documentaries “Sex Death and Eyeliner“, “Vampyres” and “We Live In Public“.   She joined Bec Stupak’s renowned VJ stars, Honeygun Labs, mixing live video for several Bacardi tours. Gabrielle was the director of photography for the video portion of Mike Smith and Mike Kelley’s “A Voyage of Growth and Discovery” (collaborative video, sculpture, and sound installation at MOMA PS1 NYC and West of Rome Gallery LA).   She has frequently collaborated with Nicole Blackman, most notably as line-producer and filmmaker for the site-specific, 14 station live-art piece “Beloved“, which premiered at The Fierce Festival (UK) and has been performed several times since.   Gabrielle became a story producer for a show that aired on VH1, and continues to produce/direct/edit. She is also a sought-after voiceover talent/engineer (English and Spanish). The collaboration with Sarina Basta produced the audio installation, “The Seven Gates (Gabrielle’s Laughter)” for The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s “BRUCENNIAL” and purchased by the MOCA in Tucson, AZ.

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