Lauren Moore

Lauren (they/them) may be brand new to the co-coordinator game but they’ve been rolling around Woodhull and the volunteer squad for 5 years now! Hopefully a graduate of the Widener Clinical Sex Therapy program by the time of the summit, Lauren has found all their sexuality work through the fine people who attend Woodhull. Lauren is currently a Relationship and Sexuality Therapist at Tamara Pincus & Associates as well as a sexuality and kink educator at Lotus Blooms, both in Alexandria, Virginia. When they’re not doing any of those things, they are making noodles, wax play candles, tying rope, or learning car mechanics. Hit them up if you want to talk all things sex toys, small business, horror movies, TV shows, therapy and mental health. They’re the awkward one who comes across as intimidating when they are focused.

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