Lin (Linda) Amendt

Lin (Linda) Amendt has been a scientist at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over 25 years, and an amateur sexual-socio-cultural anthropologist all her life. Lin graduated with an MS is Reproductive Physiology from Alabama A&M University. She has been an LGBT and Civic Activist since 1972. She co-founded the FDA LGBT employees group, FDA GLOBE, in 1994, and served as its President from 1998-2012. She was a co-founder of Equality Montgomery, an organization that served to elect more liberal officials in Montgomery County. She is a co-founder member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Coalition for LGBT Equality (FedQ). Lin is a member of HHS’s LGBT Coordination Working Group, and the HHS “Healthy People 2020—LGBT Task Force”. She also serves as the Advisor to the Maryland State Chapter of N.O.W. for LGBT issues. Lin’s collateral work at the FDA includes being a part of the Advisory Committee for Employees with Disabilities, and working with differently-abled individuals in HHS’s Mentoring Program. She is a passionate believer is Sexual Freedom for all individuals, and especially for the universal recognition of Sexuality in the elderly and disabled. Her large collection of sexual ephemera and rare books on sexuality and eroticism are slated to be donated to the Woodhull Alliance upon her demise.

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