Louis Shackleton

Louis Shackleton

Louis Shackleton is a boudoir, portrait, art, event, and wildlife photographer based in Wilmington, NC. While completing his undergraduate degrees in Biology and Biology education, he became interested in photography and art. Upon graduation in 2012, he walked out of UNC Wilmington with two student art competition prizes under his belt. Both pieces are now part of the university’s permanent collection and hang in the University Union.

Disabled, he now makes his way photographing naked people and birds (usually also naked). His work graces the cover of Maren Smith’s erotic novel Kaylee’s Keeper. His wildlife photography has been featured on the science websites Panda’s Thumb and Why Evolution is True, and his work for the American Diabetes Association’s NC Tour de Cure has twice featured in Endurance magazine.

You can access his photography web sites using the links below.


Boudoir, erotic art and portrait photography


Event, portrait and wildlife photography





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