Sean and Michele Andersen

Sean & Michele Andersen are a 20+ year husband & wife life coaching & sex positive coaching team, expediting life transformational shifts in clients who are ready for positive change. For the past 14 years they have been exploring alternative sexual lifestyles and learning more about their own sexuality, such as what enhances it as well as what detracts from it. As a result of their open-mindedness and curiosity, they learned tools and techniques that have enhanced their communication and sexuality skills as well as their level of intimacy and connection as a couple. Excited to share this knowledge with others, they have hosted a monthly Meetup discussion group since Oct. 2010 called “Sex, Love & Relationships” allowing others to openly explore and share their questions, curiosities, and concerns in a non-judgmental, safe-space. They have found their sexual journey to be soul-nourishing along with finding community and connection, particularly in the lifestyle known as “swinging” (aka “The Lifestyle). Since 2011, they have served as a host couple at The Private Affair, their local lifestyle club, helping create a safe space for individuals and those in relationship to face their fears around sexuality and body image, challenge limiting sexual beliefs, identify boundaries and speak courageously and authentically. They have hosted educational workshops at Hedonism II, The Private Affair Lifestyle Club, and at various lifestyle conventions, as well as at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

Their sex-positive mission is to be the light of consciousness that liberates EVERYONE to step into their own personal version of sexual expression. Their vision for this planet is seeing a world where each individual feels empowered and at peace to be their authentic, sexual-self, thereby releasing the need to judge others for embracing theirs. For more information on Sean & Michele, go to

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