Family Matters

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s Family Matters Project is a lot like families themselves: Growing and changing but with a steadfast commitment to taking care of each other. The Family Matters Project is dedicated to securing full rights, respect and recognition for all families, no matter how they are formed.

We’re fighting discrimination in public policy, workplaces and communities, and creating the conditions that affirm our basic human right to family, no matter how that family is structured.

Immediate goals include:

  • Protection and expansion of domestic partnership registries. Since the victories around marriage equality, many companies, municipalities, counties, and states have been eliminating those fundamental protections for unmarried families. We are committed to making sure that the rights gained by same sex couples to marry do not come at the cost of rights to others that their relationships be recognized without marriage.
  • Recognition of companies with inclusive family policies, and identification of those that restrict family rights. We understand that our lives are not governed only by the law, but also by the policies of our workplaces. We want to reward employers who look after the families of their workers.
  • Disseminating information through press releases, fact sheets, reports and infographics. We know that information is a powerful tool in the fight for human rights.  We want to make sure those who advocate for families are equipped with all the tools they need.