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Cathy Vartuli

Pronouns: she/her   ·   Twitter: @TheIntimacyDojoFacebook: Go to Profile

Cathy Vartuli is a sex-positive Emotional Freedom Coach who helps people transform their traumas into their greatest gifts. She has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida, and works in major semiconductor companies doing R&D.On topics around body image, shame reprogramming, and powerful self-expression, Cathy helps clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, and gender expressions break out of old patterns and find their voice. As an all-around geek who compulsively studies marketing and consensual influence, she also loves helping heart-centered sex-positive businesses find their unique voice and expand their audience and increase abundance.

Beautify and Perspective- How We Experience and Are Experienced Based on Physical Beauty

August 16 @ 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm

Presenters: Cathy Vartuli, Janielle Bryan, Justyn Hintze, Irene Leonis

Social and personal definitions can affect everything from who we date, to how much we earn at a corporate job, to how a doctor will treat us when we're ill. Our sense of our own beauty can influence our self-esteem and confidence. Yet we rarely examine our internal concepts of beauty and most people have accepted social concepts of what's attractive without examining where they come from or their commercial origins.Those not seen as beautiful by those standards are all…

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