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Luke David

Pronouns: he/him/hisFacebook: Go to Profile

Sir Luke and his slave, victor, have built a devoted, long term Master/slave dynamic on a foundation of service, protocol, and Leather ideology. As individuals living on the queer spectrum, they believe in expressing authenticity and are convicted and passionate about LGBTQIA+ and intersectional politics.

Within their dynamic, they balance their dichotomous desires for unbridled, heavy S&M, structure and ritual, and deeply passionate empowering sex. While their level of authority transfer isn’t for everyone, the skills they have learned in their mutual journey are applicable to all who are interested in diverse intimate exchanges. Through education, they strive to encourage others to discover and live their authentic self, without shame or fear.

They have presented internationally on eroticism in leathercare, deepening devotion and surrender, and the positive aspects of structured lifestyles. Sir Luke has a strong connection to Leather history and aims to build a brighter future for the queer Leather community. slave victor is a devoted slave who speaks against the stigmas surrounding mental health. Together, they stand behind the phrase, “Be authentically you.”

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