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Mx. Michón Neal

Pronouns: Ze/hir   ·   Twitter: @neal_michonFacebook: Go to Profile

Michón Neal is an intersex noetisexual disabled autistic Othergender BlaQueer Dragon who tattoes dead trees with the most sinister ink and ze hurts all over all the time. Michón is the Creator of Cuil Fiction, Intersectional Non-Monogamy, and Michón Con, a Public Speaker and Accountability Counselor at Postmodern Woman/Metanoiac Other, the Founder and Sensitivity Editor of Cuil Press, and a Trauma-Informed Intimacies Educator and Builder of Communities of Care in The Metanoiac Portal.

Aro Eros Arrows

August 16 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Presenter: Mx. Michón Neal

If aromantic people primarily desire friendship or nonromantic partnerships over romance, then how can they practice any recognized form of non-monogamy? And polyamory - the practice of having multiple intimate, loving relationships - is just for romantic people, right? The truth is, being aromantic or asexual usually means there's an emphasis on friendship, which is inherently non-monogamous. Being aromantic means loving a bit differently, but in ways that matter just as much. Knowledge about these experiences and identities can help…

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