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Valerie Proctor (Cedarville band of Piscataway Indians)

Sexual freedom means bodily autonomy, consent, access to contraception and sexual healthcare, reproductive rights, comprehensive sex education, acceptance of kink and BDSM, acceptance of non- monogamy, gender equality, safe birth, sex worker rights and to be able to embrace the traditional teachings that my people taught us about our bodies, and its natural sacred gifts and functions before the restricting implications of colonialism.

The Three Rs: Recognize, Realize, and Reconciliation

August 15 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Presenters: Jen Deerinwater, Cedar Woman/Lorraine Clements (Anishanaabe Ojibwe Ogichida (Bear Clan)), Joye Braun (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe), Valerie Proctor (Cedarville band of Piscataway Indians), Vanessa Bolin (Saponi, Tsalagi, Chahta)

From the first contact with the European invaders Indigenous reproductive systems, matrilineal, and multi-gendered ways have been systematically attacked with attempts to dismantle our traditions through over 500 years of on-going genocide.  As a result, Indigenous people continue to face erasure, misclassification, and violence often unbeknownst to the non-Native people living on our lands. It’s crucial for Indigenous people to be recognized and honored if we are ever able to have reproductive justice and sexual freedom. Our day-long institute covers…

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