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Leather: Past, Present, and Future

So much of the history of American leather and kink communities is a mishmash of truth, mythology, misperception, and outright fabrication. Hardy Haberman and Race Bannon are longtime active and respected members of these communities.

While the recounting of such histories is always through the lens of the teller, Hardy and Race will attempt to parse out the essential truth and discuss some of the origins and development of these communities throughout the modern iteration of that shared community experience. They will start with a quick nod to modern leather origins in gay male leather culture of the 1960s and how over the decades since it has morphed and changed into its present form.

Race and Hardy have 94 years of community experience between them. In a casual, conversational format Race and Hardy will chat about: some key history milestones; how the various leather and kink communities formed, grew, and functioned; how those communities have manifested in modern times; and where they might go from here.

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Leather: Past, Present, and Future

from 2021 Sexual Freedom Summit

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