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What Do I Bring to a Relationship?

Today, in the digital age, there are SO MANY dating sites and apps to choose from, when looking for a partner (or two). Yet, it’s so common for dating profiles to only list what the seeker is looking for. But what does the seeker have to offer? Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti shared the reason why, for the longest time, she HATED to tell anyone that she was looking for a relationship. Additionally, Gloria will share an interesting phenomenon that ONLY occurs when someone is polyamorous and partnered; NEVER when someone is monogamous and partnered. (By the way, she’ll also explain why the phrase “polyamorous and partnered” is not at all redundant.) Most importantly, Gloria shared three questions, whose answers provide solutions to the inquiry, “What do I bring to a relationship?” (Thank you, Kevin Patterson.) She also shares her partners’ very enlightening answers to those questions. Not only did she learn some amazing things about herself as a result, but she found a common thread in their answers.

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What Do I Bring to a Relationship?

from 2020 Sexual Freedom Summit

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