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Bi-Weekly Sexual Freedom Newsletter
Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Top Stories This Week

1. What’s happening at Woodhull;
2. Upcoming midterm elections;
3. The book-banning movement;
4. Prison visitation restrictions and parents;
5. Abortion bans and free speech battles in schools;
6. Building so-called “feminist jails”;
7. Slashing child abuse with money; and
8. Tess’ take on abortion and family separation. 

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Woodhull’s Statement on the Alarming “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act” 

No matter what “no one will dare vote against this” clever title they put on this bill, Woodhull is calling them on their lies and declaring the bill a clear threat to our Democracy and to sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Woodhull issued a statement about the dangers of the bill and made sure it went to all the sponsors of the bill. Among the proposed legislation's definition of the "sexually-oriented material" that it would limit, it includes description and depiction of sexual acts and "lewd or lascivious depiction or description" of human genitals. But it also prohibits a full range of topics related to the LGBTQ community – "gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, sexual orientation" — that are largely about identity. Woodhull is opposed to legislation like this, and we urge you to call your Senators! Read our statement here.


Thanks to The Swing Nation for Having us on Instagram Live! 

Woodhull COO Mandy Salley joined Kiley, Lacy and Dan from The Swing Nation Podcast on Instagram Live for a conversation about all things sexual freedom! The Swing Nation is a group of folks who have taken to social media to help shine a positive light on the underground world of swinging, push back against the negative stigmas associated with the lifestyle we love, and give an insiders perspective on what it’s like being a consensual non-monogamous couple in the 21st century.

We really enjoyed our conversation, and a recording will be posted to our site soon.

Interested in having a Woodhull staffer on your podcast, Twitter Space or FB or IG Live? We would love it! Email Mandy@woodhullfoundation.org to set it up! 



Last Call for Signatures on our EARN IT Act Petition! 

EARN IT is a sex censorship bill for the internet. In its effort to stop CSAM, it creates huge liabilities for platforms that allow sex-related content, which means most platforms will simply ban it altogther, and it’s oppsoed by over 60 human rights and LGBTQ+ groups! We’re running a petition to tell Congress that we don’t want the EARN IT Act. Our petition closes on 10/31. Don’t miss your opportunity to tell Congress how you feel, sign today


(Cory Morse:MLive.com)

Let’s keep intolerance and ignorance off of our school boards (NJ.com)

Martha Hickson, a school librarian, urges us to keep intolerance and ignorance off our school boards: “As taxpayers in our communities, we all have a stake in the success of our schools. Like any public service, the quality of schools affects the quality of community life and the value of your real estate. You wouldn’t want your streets littered with garbage because trash isn’t collected regularly. You wouldn’t want your neighbor’s home burned to rubble because the fire department fails to respond on time. So, too, you shouldn’t want students’ educational opportunities limited because the school board is entrenched in partisan conflict.” Read more.


(Alex Ramos)

Moms Against Libraries: How a Discredited Psychological Theory Sparked a Book-Banning Movement (Mother Jones) 

Kiera Butler covers Moms for Liberty, a group advocating for book-banning: “Over the past year, Moms for Liberty chapters have called for schools to ban or limit access to dozens of books for any mention of transgender or queer themes, including Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and George M. Johnson’s award-winning memoir All Boys Aren’t Blue. In August, a Virginia chapter helped push through a new rule that requires school libraries to email parents every time a child checks out a book, as well as sign a permission slip indicating that they approve of the class curriculum, according to the Washington Post.”
Read more.


(Nenad Stojkovich via Flickr)


How Prison Visit Restrictions Force Parents to Make Tough Decisions (The Appeal) 

Patrick Stephens explains how prison visit restrictions tear apart the families of the incarcerated: “It had been a little while since I had last seen my son. It seemed unfair that with all he had to deal with during my decades-long absence, even a hug was beyond his reach. But now, listening to my friend express his pain, I felt lucky that I had at least seen my own son be born. I felt fortunate that I held him just moments after he was delivered and that throughout my incarcerated years, I was able to hold him, talk to him, and even cook for him. We take these things for granted, these normal familial interactions, but inside incarcerated spaces—especially during a deadly pandemic, when prison visitation and social-distancing rules had become stricter, more arbitrary, and confusingly enforced—every human contact is precious.” Read more.


(Cage Rivera/Rewire News Group illustration)

Abortion Bans Are Creating Free Speech Battle in Schools (Rewire News Group) 

Lisa Needham highlights how abortion bans are creating free speech battles in schools: “Just as ever-shifting abortion bans leave people unsure as to the laws that govern them, there’s now a distinct lack of clarity as to what can and can’t be said—and what can and can’t be taught in schools. Witness the dual speech and behavior controversy that has roiled the University of Idaho. In 2021, the state passed the “No Public Funds for Abortion” law, prohibiting public university employees from “counseling in favor of abortion.” That’s painfully vague, but definitely inhibits speech. For instance, can you talk about ectopic pregnancies in a biology class without implying abortion?” Read more.


Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Building “Feminist Jails” Ignores a Larger Problem (Truthout) 

Incarceration is a sexual freedom issue. Tamanika Ferguson argues against the construction of so-called “feminist jails”: “Recently, mainstream white feminists have called on politicians to fund construction of the Women’s Center for Justice, a ‘feminist jail’ in Harlem, New York. The goal is to build a new, progressive alternative that would provide ‘better’ treatment for women and nonbinary people. But across the U.S., anti-carceral activists and communities in favor of total liberation and abolition are expressing outrage — and rightfully so. Proponents of this ‘feminist jail’ are allying themselves with the existing prison and law-and-order system, which continues to inflict extraordinary harm on criminalized Black, poor, migrant, queer, gender-oppressed and disabled communities.”
Read more.


(Larissa Puro:USC Institute for Global Health)


Tess’ Take: Abortion and Family Separation (Woodhull’s Sex & Politics Blog) 

Tess Joseph writes about abortion and family separation: “On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court released its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning Roe v. Wade and eliminating the constitutional right to abortion. The Dobbs decision has facilitated devastating harm, and it will continue to do so. Thalia Charles, in an interview with social worker Jasmine Wali, turns our attention to an infrequently discussed harm: banning and restricting abortion will enable and expand the punitive reach of the child welfare system, otherwise known as the family policing system.” Read more.


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