#SFS2020 Program Archive

The Stonewall Generation

Join us to discuss The Stonewall Generation with author Jane Fleishman and Mandy Carter and Hardy Haberman, both featured in the book. Read the book and tune in to hear about sexual liberation from those who led the fight.

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Book Club — Bound: A Daughter, a Domme, and an End-of-Life Story

Join us for a discussion with author Elizabeth Anne Wood. Read the book and tune in to explore the intimacies of an aging woman’s lifestyle of kink and bondage and the importance of sex and pleasure, even when facing a life-threatening illness.

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F**k Me, I’m Awkward

Watch our first monthly Hump Night where Amberly Rothfield (xe/xir) discussed tools to tell potential partners we want to get down in the sheets and ease nerves for those who are shy.

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Collaborative Growth for a Post-COVID World

Join us to find new ways to collaborate and find your confidence in a post-COVID world. Amberly Rothfield shares xir expertise with us!

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Preserving Sexual Freedom During Lockdown

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines have disrupted human interaction and sexual expression. We’ve been forced to adopt new ways of interacting in all facets of life, including sex. While technology has allowed us to keep in touch, sexual freedom rights have suffered. Community guidelines and content moderation policies imposed by online platforms interfere with our ability to truly express our human sexuality. Laws such as FOSTA/SESTA encourage censorship of erotic expression on now-essential online communication tools. Congress is considering even more draconian restrictions on Internet communications. This panel presentation explored the legal and practical challenges facing sexual freedom during the current lockdown and highlighted some ways that platforms (like #open) are meeting those challenges in positive ways.

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What Do I Bring to a Relationship?

Today, in the digital age, there are SO MANY dating sites and apps to choose from, when looking for a partner (or two). Yet, it’s so common for dating profiles to only list what the seeker is looking for. But what does the seeker have to offer?

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti shared the reason why, for the longest time, she HATED to tell anyone that she was looking for a relationship. Additionally, Gloria will share an interesting phenomenon that ONLY occurs when someone is polyamorous and partnered; NEVER when someone is monogamous and partnered. (By the way, she’ll also explain why the phrase “polyamorous and partnered” is not at all redundant.)

Most importantly, Gloria shared three questions, whose answers provide solutions to the inquiry, “What do I bring to a relationship?” (Thank you, Kevin Patterson.) She also shares her partners’ very enlightening answers to those questions. Not only did she learn some amazing things about herself as a result, but she found a common thread in their answers.

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Smut Slam DC: Oral Fixation

Woodhull is excited to partner with Smut Slam DC to talk all things oral related – licking, kissing, biting, sucking– however you use it, your mouth is a multi-purpose sex organ. The evening was full of deliciously smutty stories told by YOU.

A Secret Love Watch Party

Netflix’s documentary, A Secret Love, tells the story of the couple, who came out to their families at age 80 after being together for over 65 years. … The women’s family always thought of the two as longtime roommates and friends, until they made the choice to share their relationship.

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U.S. History from a Whore’s Eye View

Stand-up comic, sex worker rights advocate, and whorstorian Kaytlin Bailey took us through an irreverent powerpoint of U.S. History from a sex worker’s perspective from 1845 to now. Kaytlin is the host of The Oldest Profession podcast.

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Sexual Freedom in the Time of COVID

Sexual freedom was under attack before COVID-19, and now even more is at stake. Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s Carmen Vázquez (she/her) led a conversation and Q&A with Equality Florida’s Nadine Smith (she/her), G.L.I.T.S.’ Ceyenne Doroshow (she/her), and SisterSong’s Monica Raye Simpson (she/her). They talked about how their advocacy on LGBTQ equality, rights and visibility for transgender sex workers, and reproductive justice has changed due to COVID-19.

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