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Photo of people at a cocktail table.
Photo of four people standing at a cocktail table. They all look at the camera and smile. They are at the Sexual Freedom Summit. (Photo by Louis Schackelton Photography )

Welcome to Woodhull Mixer

Thursday, August, 4th

Join us for a low key mixer to get to know other Summit attendees. We will have snacks and a cash bar. All are welcome to come and meet other Summit attendees in a no-pressure meet and greet. We will also have raffle prizes, demos and games.

Smut Slam DC
A photo of two people at Smut Slam.
A photo of two people on stage at the Smut Slam event at the Sexual Freedom Summit. They are looking at the audience and gesturing with their arms up. (Photo by Louis Schackleton Photography )

Smut Slam Pajama Party

Friday, August 5th

Pillow fights, frozen bras, kissing games, and blanket forts—why leave them behind just because we’re adults? Get your Friday night party started right at Smut Slam with a night of breathless stories about your favorite pajama games. Smut Slam is a storytelling open mic, where audience members sign up to tell 5-minute, real-life, first-person sex stories. A panel of local celebrity judges awards prizes for exceptional storytelling moxie, and in between stories, femme-cee Diva Darling reads anonymous questions and confessions submitted by the audience to the Fuckbucket. (So, it’s your basic wholesome family night out.) Smut Slam DC is queer-friendly, kink-friendly, fat-friendly, poly-friendly, and really just friendly. In honor of Woodhull’s Friday theme of “Pajamas, Popcorn, and Porn”, the show’s theme is “Pajama Party”—and you’re invited to come dressed for bed!

Admission to Smut Slam is included in Summit Registration. Not able to attend the full Summit or want to bring a friend? You can buy tickets at the door for $20.

A photo of three burlesque dancers at Bubbles & Burlesque at the Sexual Freedom Summit.
Photo of three burlesque dancers with large pink feather fans. They are looking suggestively at the audience. They hold up the feather fans to cover their bodies. (Photo by Erika Kapin Photography )

Bubbles & Burlesque — Sponsored by Chaturbate

Saturday, August 6th

Join us for a true sexual freedom celebration and Virginia’s best burlesque show! Mindi Mimosa will host a night of sexy fun complete with performances by your favorite burlesque dancers! And yes, there will be lots of bubbles! After the burlesque performances conclude we will hit the dance floor. DJ Rosie will bless the dance floor while spinning some amazing tunes!

Admission to Bubbles & Burlesque is included in Summit Registration. Not able to attend the full Summit or want to bring a friend? You can buy tickets at the door for $20.

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