Helpful Access Info

The following information has been compiled and edited by Woodhull’s Accessibility Committee of 2019: Avid Antonelli, Whitney Harris & Pat Machate. We hope that the information below will continue to be added to and improved upon each year.

Talk Accessibility Policy to Me!

Low Scent Policy

In an attempt to make Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit as accessible as possible for all of our attendees, we ask that you consider not wearing fragrances or using scented body and hair products. If you do use those products or use a fragrance, please be mindful of others and wear/use the least amount possible for you.

We do not have a no-scent policy, but, rather, a low-scent policy. That means we ask that attendees be mindful that using fewer fragrances, (such as air fresheners, perfumes, lotions and/or hair care products) means a more accessible Summit experience for guests with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Service Animal Policy:

Please give service animals/dogs space so that they can safely attend to their owners. Don’t distract them. Even when they’re cute they’re still working!

What Do I Need to Know Before I Arrive?

  • FOOD
    • Bring your own food & snacks. Pack extra if you don’t want to have to purchase hotel food or wait for the occasional luncheon or snack cart. Food options nearby the hotel are located here.
    • The Summit offers some food service during the four-day event and we do our best to make sure there are options for specific preferences or needs as noted on the registration form.
    • If you have a severe food allergy, please be aware that people cross-contaminate foods by using the wrong serving implements at buffet service. Please take whatever measures, including bringing your own food, will help keep you safe and comfortable during the Summit.
    • The hotel has a restaurant that is open to all attendees. There is also a coffee shop.
    • Don’t miss out on a good panel or workshop because you’re hungry! Plan ahead or keep snacks with you.
    • The discounted parking rate for Summit attendees is $14 per night.
    • Be aware that each time you exit the parking garage you will need to pay for parking, even if you are just leaving for a short period of time and returning to the conference.
    • Know that Woodhull attendees get a reduced parking rate by using a voucher during each exit. Vouchers are available at the registration table, by asking a senior summit staff (white lanyard).
    • More on parking, below.
    • Bring clothing items that can be layered, such as a sweater or pullover so that you can be comfortable in temperature fluctuations.
    • The Summit is a casual environment, but people do sometimes enjoy dressing up or dressing in sexy clothing for evening events like the burlesque show.

What’s the Bathroom Situation?

The bathrooms on the same floor (Lower Level) of the hotel as the Sexual Freedom Summit will all be gender neutral. The doors of these bathrooms should be propped open for the entire summit.

  • The bathroom closest to the retreat/pool area has the largest disabled access stall, while the bathroom closest to the parking garage has a “disabled” stall but, previous attendees say it is not really big enough to accommodate most mobility chairs or scooters.


(image description text: Floorplan of the conference level of the hotel with paths from the elevators to the bathrooms marked by red lines leading to red stars.)

Bathrooms on the Main Lobby Level

  • There are two bathrooms, side by side, on the same floor as the lobby, behind the elevators. These two will be binarily gendered, and they have automatic door buttons and large access stalls.

(Image description text: Floorplan of the Main Level of the hotel, with a red line marking the path from the elevators to the 2 most wheelchair accessible bathrooms, marked by a red star. )

Disabled Access Guest Rooms

Entering and Navigating the Hotel:

If you’re entering the hotel at the front (being dropped off):

  • Enter the motion-activated front doors, the elevators will be a short distance to your right.
  • Take the elevator down to the Lower Level (LL on the pad), Exit and turn to the right.
  • The SFS registration table will be a short distance to the right.

If you’re parking on-site in the parking garage:

  • Please be mindful that the hotel only has 4 designated Disabled Parking spots on the top floor of the parking garage. If you have a mobility assistance device (i.e. wheelchair, walker, etc.), the top level, (Level 1), is the best place to park. If you are able to use stairs and can easily pull open doors, please park on the second or third level of the garage. 
  • From Level One:
    • It’s about a 2-minute journey from the doors to the elevators.
    • Once in the elevators, the conference level is below, (LL on the pad).
    • Take the elevator down to the Lower Level (LL on the pad), exit and turn to the right.
    • The SFS registration table will be a short distance to the right.
  • From Level One or Two:
    • There will be a short flight of stairs leading down or up to the conference level.
  • Level one Only:
    • If you park on the bottom level of the garage, there is a paved pathway/ramp from the garage, around the side of the hotel, to enter into the conference area. There is not an automatic door at the end of this rampway.

Need Help?

  • Please ask for help when you need it! Please approach summit Staff (white lanyard) and or volunteers (orange lanyard) to be directed to someone who can help most effectively.