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Chemical Sensitivities and Scent-Aware Space

We encourage people to be scent-free and/or low on scented products even if we can’t guarantee a scent-free space.

From BUTCHVoices’ “Scent-Aware Policy”, a good resource regarding being scent-aware:

“We understand that perfumes, oils and hair products can be part of one’s gender identity, ethnic identity or spiritual practice. In addition, we understand that it may not be feasible to completely abandon your daily practices. Don’t worry, no one will be policing anybody’s use of cologne, skin, and/or hair preparations. All we ask is that, when you know you’re going to be in the communal space of the conference, you consider how using certain products could diminish someone else’s ability to enjoy the same panels or workshops that are of interest to you.”

The Hilton Mark Center Alexandria does not use scent emitting devices on a regular basis. The bathroom soaps are all scented in all of the restrooms and the Hilton does use scented cleaning products.

The hotel has been undergoing some renovations. It is possible there will be some scents lingering (e.g. paint, sawdust).

No smoking is allowed inside of the hotel, however the entire outside area of the hotel grounds are fair game for cigarettes. We will also be hosting a Cigar Bar on Friday and Saturday evenings on hotel grounds. It will be outside; however, the scent of cigar smoke will be present in the area of the Cigar Bar.

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