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Woodhull Freedom Foundation encourages coverage of issues related to sexual freedom and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Working members of the press such as reporters, editors, publishers, electronic media producers, journalists/authors, columnists/bloggers and others who reach general or specialized audiences on a regular basis with news reports or fact-based analysis may request a media/press access pass.

Please read the following carefully to be sure that you submit your credential requirements accurately. This will assist us in processing your registration request in a timely manner.

Those requesting a media pass may be asked to confirm their status with information as listed on the outlet’s masthead or by the presentation of a published article or electronic piece. Freelancers may also be asked to provide at least two published or electronically released pieces issued in the previous year. Or they may provide an assignment letter or e-mail from a media organization with the editor/publisher’s contact information (telephone and e-mail address) for verification.

A copy of a recognized proof of identity with a photo—driver’s license, passport, identity card, etc.—must also be presented at the event for admission.

News and information outlets must contain original news content not just links, forums, and reader/viewer contributions. Applicants for a media/press registration must provide:

  • An editorial title that is verifiable or proof of an editorial assignment to cover the conference.
  • A hard copy or link to a recent bylined article or audio/video story credited to you.

Online media must meet the following criteria:

  • A website must post or update original sexual freedom related news at least once per quarter
  • Website or e-news content must extend beyond links, forums, personal diaries, opinions, personal analyses or information about the publishing organization’s activities and programs.
  • A blog must reflect current sexual freedom-related news that is posted on a consistent basis.


  • Provide a letter (on letterhead) from a publisher, editor, or executive-level producer indicating that you are covering the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit conference for the outlet.
  • E-mail assignments will be considered if they include the assigning editor/producer’s e-mail and a link to the media outlet’s website.
  • Freelancers without advance assignments will be considered on an individual basis but should provide evidence of journalistic work previously produced or published in a subject area related to sexual freedom issues.


Online publications which are communications outreach, personal blogs, or advocacy publications of non-governmental or non-profit organizations do not qualify for media accreditation.

In order to ensure the best possible conditions for open scholarly exchange and debate among its attendees the Woodhull Freedom Foundation reserves the right to limit and restrict press/media access to specific areas and events of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation reserves the right to deny or rescind press/media credentials to anyone at any time.


Woodhull attempts to balance the desire to memorialize attendees’ time at events through photography, videotaping, and social media sharing, with the important privacy interests of some members. We, therefore, adopt the following Recording / Videotaping Policies:

  1. Do not photograph, record, videotape, or live stream any images or voice recordings of attendees who wear bright green lanyards during the Summit. This indicates that the attendee does not consent to photography, recording, or broadcasting under any circumstances.
  2. If you are a volunteer in a workshop, please ask the presenter(s) if they are planning to videotape, record, broadcast, or live stream their workshop. If they say yes, we ask that you or the presenter(s) announce to the attendees in the room that such activity will occur and that the camera is placed somewhere that allows the viewer to only see the presenter(s). Attendees should also be reminded that any verbal audience participation may be recorded or shared.
  3. During any workshops or presentations that are being recorded or streamed, Woodhull will post a sign at the door indicating “Recording/Livestreaming in Progress” so attendees who arrive late will be made aware. Volunteers must ensure the sign is posted on the door.
  4. Streaming media or live broadcast arrangements must be approved prior to going live or online.
  5. We request that the media and attendees honor anyone’s express request not to be photographed, videotaped, or recorded, during Woodhull events.
  6. Any member of the press or attendee who fails to honor these policies may be asked to leave the event.
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