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Woodhull recognizes the importance of connection and safe spaces for folks in all types of recovery.  We will be designating one room as a “Sober Space” for the entire event. No alcohol, vape, smokables or other drugs are allowed in that space.

This room will host several open meetings and at least one informal meet-up, intended for folks in (any flavor of) recovery and our supporters. At all other times, it is open to anyone who wants a sober and drug-free space for unwinding or quiet conversations.

Recovery Meetings

Our meetings will be facilitated in the style of RITL (Recovery In The Lifestyle), a fellowship based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.  The meetings are available to folks in any kind of recovery and their supporters.  You do not need to be a 12-step participant to attend and participate. All those in recovery, and their supporters, are welcome.

Recovery Bling!

We are also planning a bit of optional “bling” for SFS attendees in recovery, so we can find one another throughout the event. This will be a discreet little pin or ribbon to be worn on the event badge, plus a matching token on a stretchy band so you can use it to keep track of your own glass in mixed/non-sober spaces.

Details to follow! Contact [email protected] for more information. Specific recovery-related questions will be forwarded to our two recovery volunteers, Brian and Dodo.

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