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Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit | August 4-7, 2022

Each year, hundreds have participated and now thousands view Woodhull’s Virtual Sexual Freedom Summit. Experts and leaders share their expertise in the diverse issues within the realm of sexual freedom. We are renowned as THE one sexual freedom conference where it all comes together with panels, workshops, trainings and educational seminars to further the knowledge of attendees who gain the tools to create the change we need to accomplish. Your support demonstrates your commitment to real, positive social change and to advancing and respecting sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

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Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s Virtual Sexual Freedom Summit affords many opportunities for sponsors to develop longstanding relationships while branding your business or organization with premium, high-quality content. We would be happy to work with you to develop a sponsorship package to fit your unique needs and interests. In-kind contributions are welcome and are recognized for their estimated retail value.

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