#SFS20 Upcoming Virtual Programs

Transgender Resilience

July 15 • 4:00 pm ET

Join us for a conversation between Carmen Vazquez and activist, organizer, and performance artist Cecilia Gentili. They’ll be discussing Cecilia’s work for Transgender equity and unique challenges during COVID-19.

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America You Kill Me

July 18 • 4:00 pm ET

Join Cathy Renna, Mandy Carter, Ricci Levy, and John Montgomery for a preview of this feature documentary about gay rights warrior Jeffrey Montgomery and the ongoing struggle for equality in the midwest.

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The Economic Case for LGBT Equality

July 23 • 3:00 pm ET

Economist M. V. Lee Badgett will discuss her new book, The Economics Case for LGBT Equality: Why Fair and Equal Treatment Benefit Us All. We know that homophobia and transphobia harm LGBT individuals in many ways, but Badgett argues that in addition to moral and human rights reasons for equality, we can now also make a financial argument. Badgett reveals the expensive repercussions of hate and discrimination, and how our economy loses when we miss out on the full benefit of LGBT people’s potential contributions. Finding that homophobia and transphobia cost 1% or more of a country’s GDP, Badgett expertly uses recent research and statistics to analyze how these hostile practices and environments affect both the US and global economies.

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Blow Them Away

July 29 • 8:00 pm ET

Join us for our monthly Hump Night! Carly S shares tips and tricks to get you in the spirit of giving and receiving amazing oral sex. We’ll cover anatomy, hand and mouth techniques for all bodies, and the best toys to accessorize your licks, sucks, and squeezes.

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