#SFS20 Upcoming Virtual Programs

A Tale of Two Pandemics

August 12 • 4:00 pm ET

An intergenerational conversation among activists, writers, and organizers about their memories and impressions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and COVID-19.

Panelists: Michael Bronski, Sarah Schulman, Kenyon Farrow, Kraig Pannell
Moderators: Marcia Gallo, Carmen Vázquez.

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Expert Perspectives on Sex and Cannabis

August 13 • 3:00 pm ET

Join Ashley Manta, Chelsea Cebara, Jordan Tishler, M.D., and Reba Corrine Thomas, co-founders of the Sex and Cannabis Professional Alliance, for a comprehensive overview of sex and cannabis. This workshop will focus on the ways that cannabis can be used to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure, while also discussing ways that cannabis can be used to address sexual dysfunction. Participants will leave with a research based understanding of the intersection of sex and cannabis, plus more awareness of the social justice implications of each of these topics.

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A Religious Strategy for Sexual Liberation: Pleasure First

August 21 • 3:00 pm ET

The religious motif, “Sex is dangerous and a sin that must be controlled” is found in all anti-sex religions but, especially within US Christianity. This religiously-grounded teaching of dis-ease however, can be countered with the antidote: a pleasure-centered Christianity. Taught by an ordained clergy, artist, and performer this workshop will center faith-based teachings of sexual freedom and pleasure by focusing on the irrepressible liberating forces of the abandonment of laughter, the zest of passion, and irrepressible joy. By embracing pleasure as a strategy we can challenge the power of body repression in the Western Church and move towards sexual liberation.

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