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Lawyering for Sex Workers

Plaza Ballroom  ◆  August 6, 2022  ◆  2:15 pm – 3:45 pm  ◆  Will be Streamed

This panel will focus on the legal issues surrounding sex work, human trafficking, sexual freedom, and human rights. All three panelists and the moderator are attorneys who have dedicated their careers to defending the rights of sex workers and human trafficking survivors prosecuted in criminal courts. The discussion will range from the nature of criminalization, existing criminal record relief options, as well as state and federal legislation that has recently been proposed or enacted impacting the lives of sex workers, with a special focus on intersectional vulnerabilities. The panel will also provide an understanding of the challenges to online sex work after the recent passage of SESTA/FOSTA and how this endangers safety and well-being.

Sex Work
Sex Workers
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