Insulted and Confused

Let’s pretend. Let’s imagine that Mary hears that John is gay, and is having same-sex relationships while dating Susie. Mary tells Jane in hopes of getting the message to Susie. (Jane is a close friend of Susie’s mom.) Mary believes

Iron Cage of Irrationality in Laws Surrounding Life and Death

I’m pretty sure that when Max Weber wrote about the march toward increasing rationalization and disenchantment in modern societies that he didn’t anticipate the kinds of irrational and mysterious situations that advanced bureaucracies would produce. While he certainly understood that

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No More “Safe” Guys

 Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a number of conversations with my male friends about them being called “safe,” or in one case, a “safety blanket.” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Celebrate.This is the phenomenon in which a (gen…

Nothing About Youth Without Youth

“Nothing about us without us!” That’s an organizing principle that I first learned when I started doing sex worker rights advocacy years ago. Then, last week, at the Detroit Youth Passages Youth Sexuality Media Forum, I was invited think about

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Oppression Is Not In the Interests Of The Children

Yet the state, and many citizens, use them as proxies in the fight to protect systems of privilege and oppression. Walter Scott may have been running from Officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed him on April 4, because he was afraid of

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