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Photo of Hailey Colpitts
Headshot of Hailey Colpitts. Hailey has long red hair with purple highlights and blue eyes and she smiles at the camera.

Hailey Colpitts


Administrative Assistant

Hailey Colpitts has been an advocate of sexual freedom for a long time, with her undergraduate research focusing on sex and sexuality. She is a 2022 graduate of Indiana University South Bend’s Women’s and Gender Studies Department. She joined Woodhull because she believes in the advancement of sexual freedoms, including the freedom to participate in sex work, the freedom to adopt children without regards to sexuality, and the freedom to obtain safe and affordable reproductive healthcare. Hailey has worked as a stripper throughout her adult life and has made it a personal promise to advocate for the right’s of strippers and sex workers across the country, in addition to fighting censorship and discrimination due to gender, sexual identity, or family dynamic. Outside of her work at Woodhull, she maintains a blog where she researches all sorts of topics that pique her interest and the interests of her readers.

Hailey joined the Woodhull Freedom Foundation to serve as the administrative assistant to Mandy Salley, Chief Operating Officer. When she is not fighting to make the world more equitable and free, Hailey can be found at home with her spouse, two children, dog, and cat, or in a cozy hammock on the beach with some music and a good book.

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